Abbey M. Wisconsin

College Tuition

Increasing college tuition is preventing students from getting higher levels of education.

Dear Future President,

         College is a very important part in someone's life. It can determine your whole future. But how can it do so if students are unable to attend college because they cannot afford tuition? Increasing college tuition has become a big major issue in America. So many American college students are in a great amount of debt and are struggling to pay for college tuition as well as college loans. It was found by the institute of college access and success that on average, there is about 68% of college students in debt and this percentage is continually increasing. This amount of debt is creating big problems for students and actions must be taken towards lowering tuition.     

    The debt from college tuition is causing many complications in students lives. It leads to students having to make big sacrifices such as making important investments. It also is not allowing students to start jobs in their field of study because they are too focused on trying to pay off these expenses. Higher tuition is also leading to less college attendance and more college dropouts. A study from Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis showed a 0.25-percent decline in college enrollment for every $100 added to tuition. This is putting limits on students and making it difficult to continue on with their education to be able to have more advanced jobs. Some Students attending college may also find it difficult to cover college costs or are struggling to get scholarships so they have no choice but to drop out. This is very unfortunate because everyone should be able to get an equal opportunity in education, even in college. But for some it is not possible because they cannot afford it. This is why the tuition of college must be decreased in order for everyone to be able to get an equal education and so students can afford college.