Carson D. Michigan

Gun Control

I am Carson D. and I am a student at Northview High school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am writing about this topic because this, in my opinion is very important because without gun control, a whole lot more people would be dying because anyone could go out and buy a gun and use it however and whoever they want to with no one saying no.

Dear Future President,

Lately there has been a lot of crime with guns, for example the Orlando shooting and the Sandy Hook elementary shooting. Continuing my point on gun control, there is little gun control and because there is low gun control, people are dying. Gun control was made so people would be safe and you would not have to worry about guns being a danger to you, but lately gun control is not enforced enough, Now anybody can purchase a gun and ammo with nobody questioning what they are using it for.

For example, 4 months ago a deadly shooting happened in Orlando at a nightclub, 49 were killed and over 50 were injured. A girl named Carter was a survivor at this shooting and she is still trying to cope with it, because she was there with 2 of her friends when the shooting occurred, and her friends were part of the 49 people who died that night, according to Chandelis R Duster from NBC News. Additionally this shooting is a perfect example of why we need to be more stern with gun control.

Furthermore, without gun control people could just buy any gun they want and use it however they want on whoever they want. This is not good because if someone with a crime record, could do this and could kill people with the gun they bought on innocent people, which could be someone from your family. The reason for gun control is to stop the amount of violence with guns in the country so we can have a longer future, without citizens dying from people with guns.

Equally important are causes of gun control, the cities are more safe without guns because of gun control. The amount of crimes with guns have decreased because with limited guns it is easier to monitor and no very lethal guns are available, as well as there is a test to prove you are worthy to have a gun and if you don't pass you are not eligible to purchase a gun, and they do a bit of a background check on the person buying the gun.

One idea I have is when people buy a gun the person giving the gun to him would be able to see if he or she has had any crime record or if their family has any crime related felonies on them, so you would have a bit of an idea to know why they want the gun. In summary gun control is important because it makes communities more safe because there will be no dangerous weapons to kids or other people in your community. Who ever the future president is I hope you read this letter to get ideas on how to strengthen gun control.


Carson D.

Northview High School

4th Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 4th hour 9th grade English students.

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