Isabelle P. Minnesota

Free College

I believe college should be free.

Dear Next President,

I would like to congratulate on your recent win.Winning could not have been an easy task and I’m sure having a college education helped along the way on the campaign trail. The issue I’m here to discuss is free or a reduced cost of college.

If more people could afford to go to college than unemployment rates would be lower. A study done by Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that in 2015 unemployment rates of those with a high school diploma or less was 13.4%. Also those with who went to college but never finished was another 5%. Which means that 18.4% of people could not go to college. This 18.4% did not go to college for whatever reason but I feel if college were to be cheaper this percentage could be lowered because more people could afford to go. The study also showed that people who graduated with a bachelor degree had an unemployment rate of 2.8%. These statics shows that if more had a higher education then they would have more experience for jobs therefore making more acceptable for company lowering the unemployment rate.

If more people were able to go to college for a cheaper price than that would mean that the number of wealthy would increase. Meaning that than more people could pay more for taxes causes than more tax dollars to go towards this. A study done by Michigan State University showed that in 2015 people with high school diploma or less made $668 a week or less This would not be enough to support a family. The study also shows that those with with a associate degree to doctoral degree made $1,591 or less. Even if it were free just to get a bachelor's degree the average person would make $1,101 a week would would be enough to support a growing family.

Bernie Sanders, your former competitor, felt very strongly about free college he said, “In Germany, college tuition is free. In America, college tuition is increasingly unaffordable. In a highly competitive global economy, which country do you think will have the best educated workforce and a competitive advantage? We must make tuition free in public colleges and universities and substantially reduce interest rates on student loans.” I feel Mr. Sanders had a point when he asked the question about who would have a better workforce. The one who had people going to college for free or the one what causes people to take out students and pay them off of the majority of their life? I personally feel that the one with free college will have a better workforce.

I know that the some high school students that probably do not deserve free college, that is why I feel those who have earned the right to go to college should have less pay than those who have not earned Also if college becomes cheaper people will not be as motivated to go if they know they can go no matter what. Lastly students may take it for granted the same way some students take K-12 education for granted. That is why I propose that if students cannot keep a C average they should be put on academic probation or be kicked out of school.

Lastly I would like to share a story with you about why I feel college should be free. My mother moved to the United States when she was two years old from Cambodia. Her parents could barely speak english and had never had proper schooling. This meant they had a hard time support their family of five and the hard time finding jobs. This also meant that when my mom was at the age to think about college her family could not afford it. I feel that if she would have had the option of free college she would be able to help support her family now.

So Mr./Mrs. President don’t you think it is time to allow everyone to attend to college? If you decide to lower the cost of college or to make it free I feel like you will not be sorry because it will bring the U.S to high standard of employment on a global scale.

Thank you for your time,

Isabelle Petry

Grade 10

Mendota Heights, MN

Henry Sibley High School


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