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Letter to the President

Social Inequality: Women and Minorities

Letter To The President

By: Bella Roselli

Dear Mr/Ms president,

Hello! I am composing this letter to address the large issue of social inequality of specific minority group in our society today, specifically women. Now, as a 15 year old girl in the sea of 8 billion people living today, *recognize that my voice is a small piece in a larger puzzle, but i hope that is the last piece that will finally solve the problem of gender equality. I have always been aware of the injustices women face, since I was little when the constant yelling of mom and dad over my mother's job. She had lost a promotion to a male coworker many times even though she was much more qualified for the job, had been a veteran for the company and worked overtime night after night to prepare herself for the higher paying job but… there was not a single women of high power in her company. These things affect little girls like me everyday, seeing our moms we look up to so much work so hard to have opportunity torn away from them just because of their gender; and we need to change.

For every $1 a man makes a women make 70 cents. No part of that sentence is at all right but all of that sentence is 100% fact. California women pay 20 million in luxury taxes for feminine products each year. Yes, of a course menstruation is quite a luxury indeed so why not pay more for it when men have to never worry about these extra ‘luxury’ items. As a women these numbers still shock me, that to this day, after all of the progress we have made, we still face these same issues. Simple bodily functions needed to reproduce are being taxed and the government, it seems, is punishing women for well; being a woman. Mr/Mrs president these issues need to change now. Women can do the job just as good if not better than men so why do we feel condon the constrictions of the glass ceiling holding me and the girls around me from becoming great in life. You have (a) daughter(s). Would you want her to face the stress of less income because her boss decided because she a women she cannot work as well as a man, even if her credentials are far superior? Women are a driven, dedicated people and practicing this at a higher level of authority can only benefit our country. I have a dream to become a successful corporate lawyer one day and all I can see is a room full of men in suits arguing over piles of paper and not a women in sight. This is what society has conditioned me to think of when I think of success; men. But this election We have a woman presidential candidate and the progress continues and my vision is shifting. A change is coming and with your support and help we can break the glass ceiling, better our country and make the dreams of millions of little girls become a reality.

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