Amelia V. California

Affordable college for all? Absolutely!

Keep college in mind during this presidency and please consider my thoughts below. :-)

Dear President,

College? Endless opportunities for future careers that ensures a path to success. That is, if you can afford to go and don’t drown in student debt. This causes many Americans live on without fulfilling this wish for higher education. After all, at what price should a lifelong career come? I worry about paying for college and I’m still just a 9th grader. My mother who is now many, many years out of college just finished paying off her college debt. That constant burden has finally lifted from her shoulders years after. I want to be able to go to college, get a career and home, and be stable before I settle down and have a family. If I’m still paying off student debt, how is that ever going to happen?

This is an issue because in order for America to grow as a country, we need more educated people working. Sure there are payment programs, scholarships, and loans, but those can only go so far for people. After all, who wants to be paying debt far into their 30’s/40’s? College pays for different programs and facilities, even when unnecessary. Pay for professors and administrators has also increased. Both of these factors add on to the ever-growing college tuition.

We as a whole can make sure we reach this goal. Many leaders have ideas or plans on how to lower college tuition. Hillary Clinton has a plan to battle this monster and it's said to be working in 2021. America needs to work together and brainstorm ways to pay that are better for all.


Amelia Villagomez