Bo-Ming M. Texas

War in Afghanistan

The reasons why we are against the War in Afghanistan

    Dear Future President of the United States,

Imagine what would’ve happened if The Afghanistan War never took place. We would have less debt, casualties of war, and tension between certain groups of people. So basically if this war never took place the world would be a more positive place and it would prosper.

Debt is a hidden cost of war because many people normally think of the casualties of war. But debt plays actually quite a big part in war because debt can lead the collapse of a government and poor funding for public services. An example of this is in BBC News it says “The centre used a number of methods to arrive at its figures, including drawing parallels with Operation Desert Storm against Iraq in 1991, in which US aircraft flew about 35,000 combat missions at a cost of $15bn.” and “He added that the West must "prepare today to defend our people from adversaries with weapons of increasing power and range".” [ Housden ]

Casualties of war is one of the most talked about topics of today because war comes at the expense of civilians, animals, and soldiers lives. For example in the Afghanistan war many American soldiers and innocent civilians lose their lives due to gun fire , bombings, and destruction of building. An estimated 2,094 American soldiers and well beyond 100,000 civilian casualties quoted from “ at least 2,094 American service members have died in what is known as Operation Enduring Freedom” and “Among civilian dead, estimates typically reach well beyond 100,000, but a precise reckoning is unlikely to ever be known.” [ Lehren ] in Operation Enduring Freedom.

The Afghanistan War created tension between several groups of people or countries such as the Taliban, United States, Afghan, and Pakistan. Since the start of the Afghanistan war there have been more terrorist attacks from several other groups. Some evidence of this is in www.worldbookonline “Afghanistan War began in 2001. It started as a short but intense war in which the United States and its allies battled the Taliban, a militant Islamic group that controlled Afghanistan. International forces overthrew the Taliban regime and helped establish a new government in Afghanistan. Some evidence of this is “Since 2002, Taliban and Qaeda militants had been staging ambushes, planting explosives, carrying out suicide bomb attacks, and using other guerrilla tactics against the U.S. military and its allies. Insurgents also attacked Afghan and Pakistani politicians and other leaders who opposed their efforts. The killing of Afghan civilians has contributed to criticism of the United States and caused tension between U.S. and Afghan leaders. However, the UN has noted that a vast majority of the civilian deaths in the war have been caused by the Taliban and al-Qa`ida.” [ "World Book Student | Article Page." ].

So this is why i am against the war in Afghanistan since it caused civil unrest, casualties, mourning, and economic problems which had a negative effect on the world socially. politically, and economically which disrupted the world.

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