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Benefits of Marijuana

Reasons Marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use

Dear Future President of the United States of America,

Imagine a world where young adults are being arrested for something almost everyone does, marijuana. Marijuana is one of the most beneficial things a person could use. The proportion of college students who reported past-year use of marijuana rose from 30 percent in 2006 to 38 percent in 2015, according to the study from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (Preidt). Even though it is legal in several states such as Colorado and Washington, it still hasn’t become completely legal for recreational use in all states, which is why marijuana should be the first issue you as president should face as the most important issue and sign it into law. Marijuana is beneficial for the average person because it is decriminalizing and has medical benefits.

For one thing, marijuana has natural benefits, which makes it decriminalizing. It can make you more creative. A particular study tested its participants on their ability to come up with different words that related to a concept, and found out that using cannabis allowed people to come up with a larger range of related concepts according to Wired. Other researchers have also included that participants using weed increased their “verbal fluency”(Welsh). Furthermore, marijuana has been seen to make people healthier. The researchers from the Conference of Quebec University Health Centers looked at 700 adults aged 18-74 and found that cannabis users tend to have low body mass index scores, which is often taken as a sign of good health. People who have low BMIs tend to have less body fats and tend to be at lower risk for diabetes (Metro) If the president legalized marijuana, the average person would be able to have natural benefits from it.

Even though marijuana is classified as a schedule 1 substance drug, several states have still legalized it for medical and recreational use. The risk of it becoming an abusive drug, which could lead to other illegal substances that are harmful is high (Marijuana). However, if used in moderation, marijuana is very good for you and could change the effects of it becoming a damaging drug. Cannabidiol is a powerful sleep aid and helps those suffering from insomnia sleep peacefully at night(Lewis). In addition, marijuana could cut back drinking problems. Research conducted in Harm Reduction Journal shows that some people used marijuana as a less harmful substitute for alcohol, prescription drugs, and other illegal drugs (Welsh). Also, the progression of Alzheimer’s disease could be slowed by using marijuana. A 2006 study that was published in the journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics found that the active chemical known as THC found in marijuana slows the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzyme in the brain that makes them. These plaques seem to be what kill brain cells and potentially causes Alzheimer's overall (Welsh). Because marijuana is a drug that’s good for you, marijuana should be legalized in the whole country of the United States of America.

Not only does marijuana have natural benefits, it also has health benefits. It could be used to treat the symptoms of PTSD. Marijuana has already been approved to be used for PTSD in New Mexico and other states. It helps regulate the system that causes fear and anxiety in the body and brain (Welsh). In addition, cannabis could help cancer patients. Marijuana can help reduce these side effects, alleviating pain, decreasing nausea, and stimulating the appetite. There are also multiple FDA-approved cannabinoid drugs that use THC, the main active chemical in marijuana, for the same purposes (Welsh). Since marijuana can help people suffering from illnesses, marijuana should be made legal for everyone above the age of 18.

Marijuana is one of the good drugs that could help anyone benefit from it. This drug is so useful that it could even heal the bruising that football players receive when they get concussions. There is some evidence that marijuana can help heal the brain after a concussion or other traumatic injury. A recent study in the journal Cerebral Cortex showed that in mice, marijuana lessened the bruising of the brain and helped with healing mechanisms after a traumatic injury(Welsh). There are several natural and health benefits you could receive from using cannabis. Furthermore, patients with epilepsy have found relief from chronic seizures. In fact, in 2014, the FDA approved Epidiolex, a 99 percent CBD extract to help children with their epilepsy (Lewis). Overall, marijuana can help anyone and should be the first primary issue you face in your presidency. Congratulations on your induction as our 49th president!


John N.

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