Thalia M. Texas


We need to put a stop to terrorism.

Dear Future President,

In this world, we are faced with problems. Some problems are bigger than others, but they are all important. I believe that the most important problem facing the United States is Terrorism. Terrorism has always been a big issue, although just recently, following the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Boston Marathon, and the LGBT nightclub in Orlando, has it really hit home for many people.

Many people have lost their lives to save our country from outside forces. If we don't do anything to honor those lives, those people will have died for nothing. You need to figure out the best strategy and apply it. Don't go throwing lives away, be cautious of your decisions, and think about how it affects individual families.

We need to put a stop to terrorism or learn how to protect ourselves and whoever else could be affected. We can't just sit around and wait for an attack to defend ourselves, we have to start saving our lives right now. We all need to contribute to the safety of our citizens. If you tell us what needs to happen, we can get it done.


Thalia M