Sophia P. Texas

Alternative Energy/Fuels

People are changing to renewable resources to pollute the world less

Dear Future President of the United States,

Imagine a world without Non-Renewable resources,it wouldn’t be a polluted world. Imagine a world if people didn’t argue about Non-Renewable resources. The alternative renewable resources/energies are Hydro, Solar, and Wind energy.

Many people are trying to save water, but people are using a huge amount of water for their daily life. People need water to survive, we are also trying to save water in reservoirs. So eventually when the world runs out of Non-Renewable resources we can use one of the many resources such as, Hydropower for turning water into electricity. “The energy generated through hydropower relies on the water cycle, which is driven by the sun, making it a renewable power source, making it a more reliable and affordable source than fossil fuels that are rapidly being depleted.”(Uncover the Benefits of Solar Energy) Countries across the world are using Hydropower even though the Non-Renewable resources aren’t totally gone, so I think that more people should get Hydroelectric power plants, because whenever we run out of coal, oil, and other non-renewable resources, we already have a renewable resource we can use instead.

People all over the world have sunlight in some way, so solar energy can be used at any time if the people thought about saving non-renewable for emergencies. If you install solar panels you can get your energy from the sun and it transfers the energy to electricity or for heating, your home. “Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. Installing solar panels on your home helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuel.”(Uncover the Benefits of Solar Energy)This is why we should use renewable resources because it’s saves the non-renewable resources, and it also helps the world stay less polluted instead of being polluted by gas. “Western residents and younger adults are especially likely to say are considering, or have installed, solar panels at home. Some 14% of homeowners in the West have installed solar panels at home and another 52% say they are considering doing so. By contrast, 35% of homeowners in the South say they have installed (3%) or given serious thought to installing solar at home (33%).” (2. Public Opinion on Renewables and Other Energy Sources) So many people have, already or going to install solar panels because they read good reviews about them and see the benefits of them. The people see how the world is polluted, so they are trying to pollute the world less and make it healthier, by switching to renewable resources.

If there are people who live in states that are windy, then wind energy is the best renewable resource you can use to get electricity from the wind turbines, so I think they should use it.“In the U.S., installed wind energy capacity has advanced significantly over the past ten years, with the United States increasing its wind power capacity 30% year over year. As of the third quarter of 2015, the U.S. now has an installed wind capacity of 69,471 MW with over 13,250 MW of wind currently under construction and an additional 4,100 MW in the advanced stages of planning[11].”(Wind Energy) This is why people all over the world should install wind turbines, so we get power without losing the material over a period of time.

So overall I think that America should use more renewable resources than non-renewable resources, because what if we use all the non-renewable resources and there is none left and we really need it. Than how are we going to solve that problem….. It’s easy, if we use our heads and foreshadow a little bit, we can think of what we should use and what we should conserve. Overall I think people should change to renewable resources, because if we change, we won’t release harmful gasses in the air, like, non-renewable resources do, and we can pollute the world less dramatically.