Joshua T. Wisconsin

Healthcare problems

Healthcare prices are costing too much and keep going up.

Dear Mr/Mrs. Future President,

People have been losing money and dying because they can’t afford an affordable healthcare. In fact, we spend more on healthcare than anyone in the world. Some people have to go with Obama care or just another way. Either way we spend so much on healthcare that we have nothing in our wallets. People have been losing their money on health insurance like Obama care. Most people don’t even go to the hospitals anymore and yet it's a fact that we're paying more for something we don’t constantly go to. Now again we spend more tax dollars per capita on health insurance than anyone else in the world. Now since we're the U.S, things tend to cost more because we're a bigger and more advanced country, but everything cost more because it's America. The US pays about 19% of healthcare compared with other countries with only New Zealand with 10%, Canada at 9%, France at 3%, Norway and Sweden at 4% and many more (One Health Care Worldwide). The lower class and middle class can’t afford a good health insurance while the rich do. Why can’t all of us have a fair and good health insurance instead of some people in debt who insurance companies won’t cover. Everyone should have the right to get good medicare and medicaid; it's what keeps us alive and to know that we won’t let an injury stop us from becoming what we want to do in life. Now it’s going to take some time and a lot of supplies to keep everyone alive or to be covered by an injury because doctors and nurses have limited supplies of things. Just because we're the US doesn’t mean we have everything. There are certain kinds of medicines and injections that take time to make and some important medical supplies are coming to an end because it so rare. Doctors as well have to work more and it will be rough for them, but if we have enough time and effort to put more people on a better or at least an affordable healthcare plan then we can become better for the people and good for those in need of help. So again Mr/Ms. President, I hope you see that happening in the world because you know more than I do, but watching people not pay for their children and other family members is depressing. Healthcare is going off the charts; we need a solution for all those who have need health care.

Thank you,

Joshua T.

Sun Prairie High School

AP Lang and Comp 2

Advanced Placement Language and Composition students.

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