Jack M. Wisconsin

Let's face it. Climate Change is real.

Dear future president, If you value your way of life then I suggest you listen. Climate change isn't a question about your kids or grand kids anymore. It's a question about YOU and if you want to live in a world with 85% of the world's major cities underwater, with an increase in cancer, asthma and other lung diseases, and a screwed up world left for your kids. It's time to stop promising and to actually do something. One of the largest misconceptions about climate change is that it is a problem for future generations. I can assure you it is not and that climate change is happening and it is happening now. It is affecting everyone of us whether we like it or not. The coastal cities have rising water levels, the inner cities and states have less precipitation or more precipitation depending on where you are. Everybody, everywhere is affected and we need to do something. Probably the largest misconception is that climate change will make things warmer everywhere. This is evident in a large portion of society from our political candidates to social media, but it is simply not true. Based on studies done at NASA, cities such as London and Moscow will only get colder because of the complex nature of the wind patterns and the jet stream. Unfortunately this prompts signs that say things such as ¨pray for global warming,” which as I just explained, would only make things worse. People not just the United States are affected. We have all seen the pictures of the people in china where the air is so thick it looks like night. That could happen here and in some places it has. In LA there have been multiple times in which it was hard to see more than 200 feet because the smog was so bad. This poses a HUGE health concern for many reasons. Diseases such as cancer, asthma, autism, and birth defects can result. Finally, I don't want to lose the places I love. I love enjoying the outdoors. The crisp morning air of fall, the anticipation of no school because of a snowstorm, the blistering heat of summer. I don't want to lose these things. These are the things I value and the things I love and I will fight to the bitter end to keep them. So please, Mr. or Mrs. president, don't make any more empty promises and do what you promised the american people. Because remember, without the environment, there is no life on earth.

De Pere Middle School

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