w. Wisconsin

Marijuana Legalized

Marijuana should be legalized and the money should go for rehab costs.

Dear Next President,

I want marijuana legalized in all states because then you can make bank off of it to put more people in rehab. It also can help make the police have more people working on stopping violence. I think that using the money for rehab is the best way for it to be spent because then more people would be willing to go to rehab one their own. It also would allow more people to put in rehab than jail for being found using drugs. In 2014 there when 619,809 people put in jail for marijuana possession which was 88% of all drug arrests that year. It would save the US a lot of money because there would be a lot less arrests, so less people to feed and have a cell for. With the addition of rehab, it would not only give people access to rehab, but it would give them a chance to change in their lives.