quincy k. Wisconsin

Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is a big problem that needs to be resolved.

 Dear future president,

I think that animal abuse needs to be treated more closely because, animals are being hurt when they are just trying to be loved by their owners.

I believe the new President should have a closer eye on animal abuse because it is a serious problem that is not brought up a lot, and I feel does not get enough attention in the world. Many animals are being hurt, injured, and tortured everyday and it needs to be stopped instantly. There are many more reasons why this problem needs to be solved, and another one is because there are 900 to about 2,000 new cases of animal cruelty every year brought to our attention, and about 25,000 falling victims being reported. If only that many are being reported, how many are not? This problem needs to be resolved for the sake of the 71% of homes that have animals that are being abused inside, or they are being harmed in some way. Therefore if we cannot help these suffering animals they are at much higher risks of having very serious injuries, that could lead to their death.

Once again I believe the new president should help this issue become a strong priority, because animals are being treated in the wrong way and they need to be helped and loved the way they are supposed to be.


Quincy K