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The Flaws in Foster Care.

Kids in the foster care system are in danger due to the flaws in the system.

Dear Future President:

The foster care system has flaws that endanger and put in needed stress on the children and parents. Something needs to be done about it and soon. The kids who are in the system are often abused, there are too many kids that are foster kids and the kids who are in the seytem are already going throw a lot the lack of stability makes their lives even worse. 

More and more kids are coming in to the system having been abused. This makes them scared or even violent. Not only do the come in abused they are often abused in system. Private foster care agencies are 1/3 more likely to abuse there children then supervised homes. Out of the abused children 78% are abused every day. 4 children have died in the last 5 years in foster homes in the last 5 years. This happens because private agencies are not monitored for DCF's regulations so they can get away with more abuse and neglect. Even if a parent would get caught they have permits making them not accountable for injuries and even molesting's. This shows that the U.S needs to be stricter about regulating abuse in foster homes.

There are also too many kids in the system there are usually 550,000- 600,000 kids. Every 2 minutes a child becomes a foster child. All these kids means they need more parents so they are accepting ones without clean background checks. This creates even more problems with abuse and neglect. With this many kids social workers now have over 50 kids to meet with once a month and there biological parents. So with not enough parents social workers some times lie about the children they need to get rid of ,so parents can be unknowingly put with juvenile a fenders.  This make the social worker not as personal with the kids and there family. Helping out struggling neighborhoods could help kids for entering foster care. This proves that there are too many kids and not enough parents or resources to take care of them properly.

These kids where put though a lot to end up in the system weather they where abused, there parents died or worse. Then we remove them form every thing else they know there friends there belongings and everything else in there old lives. Then just when they start to get to know there new family there moved again and again. Lots of the kids old homes didn't have water or electricity so things we have like bathrooms and vacuums are scary loud foreign and unformiler things. These kids need a more stable environment and even with the best foster parents transitions can be hard having no the best ones can make the kids live terrifying.

The U.S needs to think more about the kids and parents well being. The extra stress put on the parent and child is something that would be beneficial to try and get rid of. If these children would grow up with the same privileges as every one else they could impact the world in ways we cant yet imagine.

Sincerely a concerned citizen.

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