sophia d. Oregon

Obesity in America

Obesity in America is on the rise and something should be done to stop it.

Dear Future President,

Obesity is a problem in America and causes a lot of problems in a person's life. With all the programs that we have in America, everyone should be able to provide healthy foods for themselves and their children. If parents can afford video games and soda and all the other stuff they buy, I think they should be able to afford healthy foods. Another way to prevent obesity is doing some exercise. And I understand that not everyone can afford sports, but it costs almost nothing to put on some shoes and run. So what I'm going to ask to the future president is to restrict welfare assistance programs from buying junk food and enforce the purchase of nutritional food items.  This will help support a healthy living and lifestyle and hopefully cause a decrease in obesity.  I think if you fix this problem it would also fix other problems. 

Kennedy Middle School

Henderson Period 6 Social Studies

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