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Fitness in the USA

This is letter is going to be about how obesity is a problem in normal life all around America. It shows how if people were more active than work would get done better and fast

Dear Executive branch of the United States,

                Being brought up in a family of five and having a slightly overweight father and mother with lots of health issues helped me realize i need to be more active. I workout twice a day and consume more than enough water, calories, and nutrients that my body needs. I am in great shape. Not everyone in the U.S. can say the same. 35.7% of Americans are considered overweight and one out of every three kids are overweight. Now there are rules on what kids eat in school and rules on physical activity but what about parents? I think we have the solution. Parents come home from usually a long day of sitting down in an office at a desk in a chair. Parents then have other responsibilities or sleep through the rest of the day. Where is the time for physical activity you ask?

       Now with standing desks people in the office can work and get more fit. Sitting down all day isn't good for either your brain or your body. Texas A&M workers did a test. About 300 workers were tested. Half of the 300 were given standing desks and the other given normal desks. Both given the same jobs and tasks over a 3 month period. The group that was standing held same weight or even lost a bit of weight and were doing better at the job than usual. The other group was the opposite. The job was not done as well and all students had gained a little bit of weight. As you can tell these are only students who don't have kids but that also betters the thought. Parents and adults in general are even more busy than students in college with kids and other major responsibilities. If standing desks and physical activity become mandatory in everyday lives of Americans, you will see our economy skyrocket. This is how obesity can be fixed.

 Your Boy, Aaron J. Anhold

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