MatthewD Missouri

Environmental Conciousness

Environmental Consciousness should be necessary to teach in schools across america.

Dear Mr. President,

I am worried about the environmental consciousness in schools in my city. Environmental consciousness is not well taught in most schools. This information I think that there should at least be a small talk about the importance of not polluting, global warming, and recycling. Especially now that this is becoming more of a problem it is important that the new generations are taught to protect the environment before it runs out.

According to Haluk ÖZMEN & Orhan KARAMUSTAFAOĞLU “This kind of conscious could be achieved with well-designed curricula that include environment-based concepts because studies in the literature state that schools play an important role in the formation of children’s positive attitudes towards to environment and the formal education system is the most convenient for incorporating EE programmes (Smyth, 1987; Spiropoulou, Roussos and Voutirakis, 2005). Especially, applying this kind of studies in the lack of environmental education and realizing the facilities done by the combined study of both ministry of environment and ministry of education, it is believed that the educational programs in Turkey must be improved again to arise the environmental conscious through subjects.”

This supports my claim because it is backing up the claim that environmental consciousness is needed to be taught more in school subjects and that teaching this in school causes a positive mindset towards the environment with children. If we incorporate this knowledge in subjects like suggested there would be no longer a struggle with lack of knowledge and more people will start noticing what is right or wrong.

The USA generates 30% of the world's garbage. This means we are producing more than our fair share. If people became aware of this situation and the impact this has as a result, we could start changing things. We need to start preventing the production of so much trash by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling what we do not need anymore instead of throwing it away. Also recycling is important because not only does it reduce trash but recycling a ton of aluminium saves 14,000 KWh of energy and 10 square yards of landfill space. So it is obvious that this is a win-win situation so why not start now.

Although many will say that this is not necessary because companies are doing perfectly fine now and new worries won’t help us move forward. This is incorrect because the environment is what allows us to live. If we don’t worry about it and treat it like it should by knowing what is necessary to do to be a green company many things will start to die out and air quality will be very bad and it might end up killing you by giving you lung cancer. So if we learn to work hand in hand with the environment it will allow our companies to last much longer and without any extra trouble or fines for harming the environment.

I hope that you may do something to help this situation. Thank you for your time and dedication.


Matthew Davis