Roman M. Missouri

Income inequality in america

This article is about the growing problem in america and how bad income inequality has come

Dear Mr.President,

Hello, my name is Roman and I’m a freshman in highschool right now and I would like to congratulate you on becoming the next president of United States.There is something I would like to talk to you about,and it is about income inequality and how it has become a growing problem in america.

What I belive is that Income inequality can good if there is a little bit of it but if there's too much income inequality like in {america} for an example then it can lead to disaster.It first started in 1970s and grew from there and now has made us the the fourth most nation to have the most income inequality.The United States has a Gini rating of 45, according to the CIA World Factbook. Sweden, the most-equal country, gets a rating of 23. Lesotho, in southern Africa, has the highest Gini coefficient on the CIA's list with a rating of 63.2.Now that it is so big the richer have gotten richer and the poor have gotten poorer.

It has made it almost impossible for the poor to stop being poor.Some of the effects of income inequality are higher poverty and obesity.Studies have shown that inequality is the single factor most closely and consistently related to crime.Also rich neighborhoods that have more funds for better police than the poorer people, resulting in a less effective police force or a higher number of officers susceptible to bribes in an increasing number of poor areas.Some other effects of income inequality are people not seeing each other as equals and hating each other.

Some things you could against income inequality raise the minimal way to 15 dollars,provide better oversight of financial markets,and etc.In conclusion I hope you take a look at income inequality and try to do something about.I know that you are a very busy person right now so please take a look at this issue.


Roman Myscofski

Central High School

ELA 9 - 1 Blue

Honors 9th grade ELA students

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