Trenton S. North Dakota

Oil and Coal

Here in North Dakota, I have concerns about the oil pipeline and coal fired plant around the town in live in.

To the future president

Here in North Dakota, there are some concerns the people would like to see resolved in a way that would help benefit this great nation.

The first concern is that if oil pipelines. As far as what been in the news, many people are denying these ideas. A pipeline is much safer than the ways oil is transferred now. How oil is transferred today is by train and truck, which if a train or truck get into an accident, life is lost, money is lost, energy is not obtained. While with a pipeline, it is direct; point A to point B. Plus this will provide jobs, some of these being permanent. The loss of life over oil would be decreased, money would continue to flow, and oil will get to its destination. If a leak may occur, it could be easily fixed.

Second issue here in North Dakota is the coal fired power plant. There is a lot of controversy about this, being said that this is bad for the environment. A couple years ago I took a tour of the plant; our tour guide showing that the plant was designed to capture the harmful gasses and other materials for local farmers’ use and other job fields’ use. These plants are also safer than the nuclear alternative. Coal fired plants are simply the easiest and safest method to obtain energy for the millions of homes here in the U.S. If the global warming concept is still an issue, the get rid of the cars in major cities and have the enhabiance ride bicycle to work, or to lunch, or to their date’s home. Coal fired plants are not the problem of global warming.

I look towards the future to see if these matters are spoken of. The pipeline will help the oil industry, and coal fired plants are our best way to obtain energy safely.


Trenton Solem