Ethan W. Missouri

Letter to President

The money economy in the US needs to be changed.

Dear next president,

Most people this time and age are either gamers, athletes, or going into the military. With people doing that we need a better money system in the US. Military veterans who risk their lives earn less money than athletes who over-exaggerate accidents. People who work hard almost always earn less than people who do not work at all. Even video game artist and players never can make a living doing what we love. We can fix this if we try hard enough.

Veterans earning less money the athletes has been a problem for a while. People say that benefits that veterans have is like how much an athlete makes but really is 600k a year more or less than a couple million? I did not think so. How can we improve this? Make veterans earn more money than what athletes earn less money.

Do people who work hard make enough money? I don’t think so. My family and friends family who is able to work and their parents work really hard to make a living and care for their kids. I found out that homeless people or druggies earn more money than a lot of people. How do they get their money? They get it from the government. I don’t think they need to earn money at all or earn less money if they are just going to spend it on drugs.

Gamers or game designers earn a lot of money. Most of the gamers who do YouTube or twitch or both try to make a living off of it. But if they do not do YouTube or Twitch make no money playing the games. I think since they play so much and dedicate their time to gaming they should make a bit of money just playing the games 24/7. Game designers earn less money than what the games make. That needs to change. If they are dedicating their own time and money to helping produce a game they should make a little bit more money since that is what they do for living.

In conclusion I think that veterans should earn more money than athletes. People who work hard should earn more money than people who live off of the government. Gamers and game designers should make money doing what they love to do. So the money system in the US is a bit messed up right now. It can change for later lives to come.

Sincerely a freshman student,

Ethan Wedding.

Central High School

ELA 9 - 1 Blue

Honors 9th grade ELA students

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