Juseok L. Georgia

Recycle For Better Future.

It's important to recycle and manage the waste.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Every American throw away over four pounds of trash per day. When throw away trash in the trash bin, they also throw away trash that can be recycled. The temperature now days is getting hotter and hotter as air pollution increases around the world. When the sun’s rays hit the floor it would be normal for them to bounce back. But the sun’s rays is locked due to air pollution. Even though it’s not a big deal right now, it is important to recycle to save our future.

For example, we are used to throw away wraps that covers fast food or plastic cups that we use to put our favorite beverage. Did you know that plastic bottles are recyclable when you just rinse off before you throw away? Do you know how many years does it take for a plastic bottle to rot? You need to wait about 450 years for a plastic bottle to rot! We are also wasting resources that nature provides us. Not even that the pollution is getting worse as amount of trash increases. Yeah, Yeah we have more than enough land space that we can dump trash, but what is there is no more land space? It can be a small thing right now, but as amounts of trash increases we are making ourselves locked in high temperature. To prevent air pollution, wasting trash, and increase in temperature, we must recycle and manage the amounts of waste.

However there is solution. The government should provide us with categorized trash bins.That way we can throw away trash that can be recycled. How simple is that? I think it’ll be great if school spend some time teaching ideas of recycling. Even though Korea already recycling, but New York still has cleaner air than Korea’s capital, Seoul. Just imagine how our air will be when we just recycle! We also can plant wood to reduce the temperature. These are really simple things that we can do in our real life. As little things gather together, it becomes a big thing. Just act of recycling can prevent serious problems in future.

Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump it’s not too late to fix our future problem. The solution for the problem is not a huge thing. It’s something we can act out in real life. Place more trash bins that is classified, planting more trees to reduce the temperature. Not just for us, for our Earth.

Thank you so much to take time to ready my suggestion,

Juseok L.