Olivia Missouri

Animal abuse needs to stop.

There are some very big issues throughout America and lots of people have very different opinions of how big the issue is. An issue that I think is very big is animal abuse.

Dear Mr/Ms president,

There are some very big issues throughout America and lots of people have very different opinions of how big the issue is. An issue that I think is very big is animal abuse. Did you know that up to 70 million dogs and 74.1 million cats are killed each year due to animal abuse and so many more animals are killed as well. This issue is very important to me not only because I’ve met abused dogs but I adopted one too and seeing dogs abused makes me not want to see any animal get abused. That is why I have chosen to write about animal abuse.

Animal are abused everyday from dog fights, abandonment, experimenting, leaving them in the hot sun, and just any type of physical abuse. I’ve met some abused dogs before it's very sad to see how the react when someone friendly will walk up to them. A lot of people can be affected by this whether they are the abuser or if they witness an animal being abused.How I think of animal abuse and why it is a bad thing is what if it happened to not only my dog but any of my other friends pets that’s why I want animal abuse to end. If the owners of any animal were to think about what would happen to their animal then they would want animal abuse to end too. The animal abuser is normally affected because if they are caught they will most likely go to jail. If someone witnesses animal abuse they may have to tell the police or they could be scarred with the image of the abused animal stuck with them for a long time. Animals are definitely affected by animal abuse. They normally are affected very badly. They become scared of people or they become aggressive towards anything or they don't have the chance to be scared or aggressive because they die. Some causes of animal abuse would be because some sadistic people find animal fighting entertaining they gamble on which animal they think will win.

How we can help prevent or completly stop animal abuse is if there are stricter laws on to who can get an animal and stricter on the punishment of animal abusers. Stricter laws means it will depend on who can get an animal or not like if a past animal abuser wanted to get another animal they would not be able to nor would they be able to be around another animal unless there is a person with them who does not like animal abuse. Being stricter on the punishment may mean that people who abuse animals get along time in jail or have whatever they did to the animal happen to them that way they could know how the animal felt that way they would not treat anything else like how they treated the animal.

Now I can understand if some people don't understand how or why animal abuse is such a big thing. Those people may not live in a place where any animal abuse happens, they don’t think animal abuse could happen to any animal they know, or they just prefer to ignore it but the more people ignore it the worse it can become if people don’t acknowledge the fact that animal abuse happens a lot the less strict the laws may become and the less strict the laws become the more people get away with animal abuse and the more people who get away with animal abuse leaves more animals getting abused and not being able to get any type of help. It’s just one big domino effect that will just get worse the more people ignore it.

Don’t ignore the fact that animal abuse is a real thing and that animals get abused everyday not only do they get abused they also die whether it is from people experimenting on the animal or if they just don’t feed the animal a lot that is still animal abuse and it needs to be taken care of. I would expect the next president to understand how I see this is a big issue and will hopefully support/help me with taking care of the issue.

Sincerely and with respect,

Olivia Graves

St. Joseph, MO