Tyler O. Missouri

Terrorism Around the World

The U.S. needs to go at these terrorist groups with everything they have and defeat these terrorists once and for all.


Dear Mr. or Mrs. president,

My name is Tyler Orth, and today I will be writing to you about a very serious problem that I believe the U.S. is struggling with right now. This problem is terrorism. I believe terrorism has been mishandled ever since the attacks on 9/11. The U.S. needs to go at these terrorist groups with everything they have and defeat these terrorists once and for all. As a country we cannot just wait around any longer, we have to take action and now.

Terrorism can affect the economy, and in a big way. In the last year the global cost of terrorism has raised to 52.90 billion dollars, this is the most it’s been since the terrorist attacks in 2001. The economy failing can have a terrible chain reaction which can lead to less jobs, less money, and more poverty not just for the United States but for countries around the world. These are hardworking Americans that are working night and day, that sacrifice a lot not just for themselves, but for their families as well.

As many people may already know, terrorism can have a huge effect if not the biggest effect on troops and their families. Facts have shown that when troops come back from war there can be a number of different effects on the body and on the brain. For example, troops can sometimes have emotional effects after coming back from a war that can result in panic attacks, paranoia, and even drinking alcohol. Here’s another huge fact, a total of 2,386 american soldiers have died in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan alone. These are American soldiers that are dying and some of them are leaving families and making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Some people might say that if the U.S. does go right at these terrorist groups with everything they have that many troops would die. Although there’s already countless numbers of deaths happening everyday, and everyday we don’t take control of this terrorist situation the more and more people are going to die in the hands of these… animals. Sick and twisted ANIMALS.

Since the attacks of 9/11 all terrorism has been is just another problem for the U.S. and I think it’s about time that we end this problem once and for all. We need to take action on this issue not just for the economy or for dominance to other countries, but for all the hard working American people and for the soldiers who risk their lives every day to keep this country safe.


Tyler Orth