Nayah V. Missouri

Animal Cruelty :'(

You would be horrified on the amount of animal abuse cases reported a year. Domestic or not I believe it's not just cats and dog who are opposed to these threats. All animals deserve more than they are given from humankind and what I am about to tell you might have you thinking the same thing.

Dear future president,

Many animals lives are miserable and frightening. I ask you to take time and read this and make the difference these animals truly need. 

There are many cases filed were there are dogs beaten and abandoned. Cats left and unwanted to fend for their own. But not only common animals are the ones in danger. A man was caught for using sheep as bait and encouraging his dog to attack it. (to see more click here) I don't know what is worse the sheep being brutally assaulted or the dog who has been raised as a monster. 

Many animals have been given injustice, but it doesn't have to be that way. Many people try their best to make a change. But you are the big change we need you can do the impossible, give  these animals the lives they deserve.

Not only the domesticated though. Animals are slowly dying off. Many beautiful creatures are dying! That possibly the next generation will not be able to see. Animals like the tiger, Amur leopard, sea turtles and the Gorillas. These are just some of the animals that have the chance of going bye- bye.

We are hunting them and destroying there land. We can stop this if we can just care enough. So i beg you! Please make the difference everyone is waiting for. Such gorgeous things, without them how good we every call this world beautiful and every call us good willed people.

Just imagine never seeing the mighty elephant walk this planet again   

                                                                    With all the love,

                                                                                       Nayah V.G.

Bode Middle School

2nd Hour

Ms. Clark's 2nd hour

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