Maya s. Missouri

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality in the against women in the workforce has gotten more out of hand

Dear Mr. President,

There’s an issue that I think is very bad. Gender inequality in the against women in the workforce has gotten more out of hand. There’s many situations of gender inequality but the biggest one is in the workforce because of sexism.

Harvard states “ the latest data from the US census bureau shows that women only make 79 cents to every dollar a man makes”. Men are most likely getting paid more because of their gender. Employers pay women less because they’re not “as strong as men” and “not as hard working”. If we were to do something about this women and men could be equal and they both could get paid the same amount. Now, I don’t expect women to be paid more than males but it would be great if they could get paid the same.

Also women don’t make up very much of our worlds managers and they usually don’t work in big work areas. This could be because women aren’t trusted enough to do the job as well as a man could. The men get “bigger” and “better” jobs because their gender is liked more than a females. If we gave women the same jobs that we give males then that would settle certain disputes people have about this topic, it also wouldn’t make the woman only seen as doing household responsibilities.

Although females might lack in the workforce according to harvard there’s not a problem with female achievement, females have are are catching up with males in the terms of education. Females brains develop faster than a males and they mature much faster so i can see how they would be more advanced than men in that field. Men overpower women in the workforce and women overpower men in the terms of education.

In conclusion if we do something about all this then there won’t be any more disputes over “well he got picked because of his gender”. If males and females could be equal then I think that the world would be way better. So to make jobs that women and men can both do wouldn’t be that hard and wouldn’t cost very much money at all.


Maya shaw

Central High School

ELA 9 - 1 Blue

Honors 9th grade ELA students

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