Rata Pennsylvania

Black Lives Matter/ Police Brutality

Stop the Violence...

Dear Future President, 

My name is Rata or Rat and I attend from the The Workshop School and I wanted to talk about Black Lives Matter. This is because "Black Lives Matter" is an incredible movement advocating and fighting for the rights of black men and women all over the world. For example, on Febuary 26, 2012, an unarmed 17- year- old boy was attempting to avoid the armed pursuit of a grown man. Reports differ on specifically what happened; there was a fight, running, a chase, and it ended with a fatal gunshot. The boy hadn’t even graduated high school. His name was Trayvon Martin. 

Many people believe that Black Lives Matter movement has become redundant in the past years and that there are bigger things in the world to tackle. Issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis, terrorist threats, North Korea’s nuclear program, and many others are brought up at every turn as more important things to watch for than Black Lives Matter. 

It's going to be very hard to change police brutality, but I believe as president you should try to push better police training and make sure police can not just shoot people and have no consequence. If you could, encourage the federal government to give the nation's police departments, so that they get more training on how to handle these situations.