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Transgender Discrimination

People who identify as a different gender than the one they were born as shouldn’t be a target for judgment.

Dear President,

I am hoping you would have realized how many transgender teenagers there are in high schools across the United States. And if you have not, I am here to inform you of the issues that are coming along with this fact. People who are transgender should not be discriminated against or treated unfairly. Currently, this seems to be the case and it is not okay. So if you could take a moment to address this issue it would greatly help the transgender teens in the United States.

First off is the bathroom issue. “It’s just going to the bathroom” says Natalie Stastny. Natalie is a student at a large high school in Kentucky with a few transgender students. She understands how unjust this issue is and why it should be changed. Like she said, going to the bathroom shouldn’t be made this big of a deal. You’re just going in, doing your business, and getting out with nothing more to it. If you have male anatomy and you go into a female restroom, nobody would theoretically know that you were born with male anatomy unless you told them. So having these strict rules on these teenagers really makes them feel discriminated and different more than they already might feel.

A way this could be fixed is if you had unisex bathrooms. Some people might argue that we always used to have bathrooms separated by sex, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. There has been lots of change in the United States, good change at that, so why not have another good change to help people out?

Plus, many transgender teenagers are ignored on top of being discriminated. This causes a lot of self harm and mental health problems for them. A statistic on the Lynn’s Place website about transgender people committing suicide says that one out of two transgender people attempt committing suicide by twenty years old. This is not okay for people transgender on not to be treated like this.

Yet some people are not okay with the same sex bathroom ideas. Those people suggest that this could just be an opening for perverted people to come in bathrooms and abuse people. The cartoon on The Week about transgenders in bathrooms talks about a transgender female in a male bathroom being called a pervert. But transgenders are real people who shouldn't be judged or thought less of by what gender the identify as. Especially about something so simple as going to the bathroom.

People who identify as a different gender than the one they were born as shouldn’t be a target for judgment. So if you could take in consideration this issue I know these teenagers, myself, and many others would be much happier about this situation.

Thank you,