Lexa H.

Transgender Rights For Teens

This is an issue that can affect many young people. The next President of the United States should create laws to allow transgender teens to use bathrooms in which they are comfortable.

 October 20, 2016

Dear Future President,

Just for a moment, think about all the children in the world who are often confused about their gender. Bathroom laws are suppose to be open to all genders. This is an issue we must look upon and ask ourselves what could we do to help? Both adults and teens have often been either bullied or even harassed due to their transgender identities, which sometimes may lead to suicide attempts,  switching schools or even dropping out because they are not seen as human or even American. It is reported that “between .25% and 1% of the US population identifies as transgender.” Transgender bathroom laws have only been passed in a few states and are being addressed in the other states. We must take action for everyone to have equal rights. 

There has been a lot of complaints lately about transgenders using public bathrooms instead of their own. This is a major issue in the  country of public bathrooms being shared with Transgenders, we just need to be open minded. An example from the article states, “The two complaints filed several hours apart, took opposing sides in the debate over the law. The law bans Transgender people from using bathrooms that don’t match their birth certificate.” (Drake). This action is about a great deal more than just bathrooms, It’s about dignity and the respect we should be able to give them. The people who are mostly affected by this issue is not just transgenders, it’s the country. This is an important issue of independence and freedom for transgenders over all. There is no time to discriminate against transgender people who are just like us. Outcasts in our country have suffered a lot; laws should not make people suffer but should protect them.

A solution that already exists in today’s world is that employers treat transgender workers with respect they need. There are also programs to support transgenders in their decision based on gender identities and even their sexuality. GLADD's  program supports the percent of teens who are lesbian, bisexual and transgender, which talks about the issues transgenders have online. This program helps them express themselves and supports them in their everyday lives. We could raise awareness and even support these teens or adults  to help the transgender community to gain their rights. This should be important for the next President to listen to everyone’s opinions about gender equality and how they would feel about the transgender community using public bathrooms. Everyone should be treated fairly in our country, not isolated because of their preferences. Future President, please hear the voices of all communities. 


Lexa Hollis-Lanier




Article By Washington Post, adapted by Newsela staff  05. 11 .16