Morgan Pennsylvania

Sad Animals

Killing animals is bad and sad!

Dear Future President,

Hurting animals is getting out of hand. There are so many people that are killing animals. First abusing them in dog fights and then in hurting other people dogs for no reason. If this continues then the dogs or cats might be exstinked! If they are gone then lots of people will miss there cat or dog. I think we should put a end to this now and forever!

Animals are more then pets there friends and family. When people dogfight there are hurting both pets. They are tying them up the littler dog and getting the big mean dog to eat it or very bad engering it, but what if they are taking dogs of the street and just killing them what if that pet has a home? They are killing them for no reason.

I agree with Ohio saying that abusing animals is allege. If they are leaving the animals alone for the rest of there lives then they will be arrested. If they make the collars to tight then it will suffocate the animal very fast. Animals are like babies they need to be tanked care of. If you leave for a long time then the animal is just going to die. If they get hurt it is the owner repository to take care of it. If not they will get arrested in Ohio because they have a law.

I think that you should make a law that everybody has to obey, so then animals will have a less chance of getting hurt. You will end animals being hurt. No more people having to hurt animals and then we can have our companions.