Grace D. New Jersey

Homosexual Marriage: Equal Right For Love

Why it is important to have equal rights when it comes to marriage.

Dear President-elect Trump,

           Not to long ago, you were considered shameful if you were in love with someone of your gender. In today’s day and age, it is less so of that for we have become more accepting of different sexualities. Even if my generation has become more open and accepting of this, there are still states, such as Texas, that frown upon homosexuality. Some people today, both of the older and current generations want to outlaw the right to equal marriage.

          Though I am not of that sexual orientation, I am a very strong supporter. About a year ago, my uncle from my father’s side had a same sex marriage, and they are very happy together. Though I doubt you would try to change our law on equal marriage, I encourage you to not consider it. So many families have come together through love of the opposite or same sex, to ban partial of that would cause anger and maybe even grief to so many people!

         60% of Americans today support the idea of same sex couples, but there is still that 40% that don’t. If we were to just satisfy those other 40% of Americans, it would cause bigger problem then we have with same sex marriage. Not only would it affect homosexuals, but other sexualities such as bisexuals, pansexuals, and polisexuals, not to mention the supporters!

        Children today are bullied for the littlest things, but this is a large one among them. Many leaders of religion have come out saying they support it, so I feel that the leader of our country should at least do the same, even if it's a lie. I believe that the citizens should still have your support. Please take this into consideration and I wish you luck in these next four years during your presidency.


Grace L. Douglas