mikaya North Dakota

Animal abuse

Animals are living things not just some rag doll you can beat up.

Dear Next President,

I would like to ask you a couple of questions that concern me as a citizen in this country. There is a huge amount of animal abuse not just in homes but also in zoos. For example, people are putting sick dolphins in tanks when they can’t do any more tricks. Also with pets, people are abusing them and if that person is going to abuse an innocent animal than they are probably going to abuse that persons kids and or partner.

People are making animals afraid of humans, and by the time someone calls the animal shelter the animal will be afraid of humans and will bite or attack. If an animal bites or attacks someone then they will have to be put down. But I’m sure the person that made this animal this way will just think oh one less animal in the world.

In a lot of small towns and big city’s animals are allowed to wonder around and could possibly get ran over or kidnapped by some sicko. Animals that wonder around can sometimes be mean and will bark, bite, and attack. So then the person that got bit or attacked will call the animal shelter or call the police and that animal will be put down.

So Dear Next President you can do something about this. I can’t go into some one’s house and tell them not to abuse there animal without someone calling the police on me. But you can you have the say in almost every thing if I’m not mistaken, so I’m leaving it up to you to help these innocent animals.


Mikaya R.