Kaleb North Dakota

Police and Immigrant Promblems

Illigal immigration is a big issue in the US, help us put a stop to this nonsense.

Dear future president:

Being president is an important role. every decision you make will affect all of us in one way or another. I have many ideas I think the president should know but the Main two I want to discuss is illegal immigration and the criminal justice system, particularly law enforcement.

My first idea is partly about helping people. The law enforcement is a big part in today's society. Police help out all around the world so I think they deserve better equipment than they have now. This includes upgraded cars, weapons, new ways to communicate, and any way possible to help them do what they need to get done. There job is dangerous and they are willing to risk that for others in need. All of this is going to be extremely expensive, but I think it will be worth it in the end. Tax increase, social security, and grants are all ways to make money for the things the law enforcement needs to protect and serve.

Another issue is illegal immigration. If people are coming to the U.S. Illegally you will never know who they really are. The systems we use now make it hard for others to legally become a citizen in the U.S. I think the next president should create another system that makes it easier for others to become a U.S. citizen. Therefore, there won't be as many people live here illegally. I would rather have people from other countries here legally that contribute to society than illegal immigrants hiding as we pay for them.

Like I said before being president is an important role and everything you do will effect everyone around you. Those are my two main ideas I think the president should consider.


Kaleb McGraw