Classified North Dakota

Nuclear War Prevention

The USA is facing threat of a nuclear war and we need to prevent this from happening.

Dear Next President,

I’m writing to you today about problems this world is facing to this day. As you probably know, many people have died through war, and I think we should fix this problem.

One idea to solve this problem is to prevent a nuclear war from starting between countries like the USA and many other countries. As I mentioned, people have died and that there has been three nuclear power plant accidents. Who knows how many have died at those plants. Probably a few hundred.

Around 2011, several countries have rethought the use of nuclear energy and use of nukes. I completely agree, and that I think the USA should rethink about this situation over, and try to figure something out. Will the use of nuclear energy help or solve anything? From my perspective it won’t help anything and will just create more havoc and even more problems. So next president, I advise you to rethink and do something about this problem. We don’t need more innocent lives taken from our families and our country. Please next president, help the USA citizens you care and defend for.

Yours truly,

Sawyer R.