Braeden Z. North Dakota

Football Safety

Too many athletes get hurt because of the safety of their gear.

Dear New Coming President,

I do not think you are aware about football safety. About 1.2 million athletes are injured a year. This includes getting concussion’s, broken bones, strained muscle’s, tore muscles, strained hamstrings, and tore ACL'S in which of these you can keep hurting yourself because it can keep tearing and breaking and straining your body. And this can cause permanent damage to your body or half of your life.

Almost every month football players get hurt because of the lack of the safety in their helmets. So then they get concussions because their helmets aren’t safe enough. And some families can’t afford the treatment of the concussions so they see their child suffer cause of the treatments’ for the concussions are too expensive.

Some families I know, it is really hard to pay for some injuries. So they watch their kid suffer. Do u want this for your people in your country? Please mister president do something to make football safer.


Braeden Z.