Mihrimah Q. Texas

Why we need a more affordable college education

Persuasive letter to the next President to lower college tuition

Dear Mr/Madam President,

Imagine having three jobs to help pay off for your college debt. Think of young people making a choice to work many jobs to survive because they are are trying to pay off their college tuitions. The most important issue in our nation we are facing today is a lack of an inexpensive higher education. You must make college education more affordable for everyone. Many people who are good in school don’t go to college because it is too expensive. Only higher class citizens can afford college tuitions which means those who can’t afford college have a low-paying job and stay in poverty.

College tuition has increased throughout the years. For an average in-state colleges, it has increased by 2.7 percent. For a private college, it has increased by 3.4 percent. This has only happened because of the 2008 regression where they had to raise tuition to make up for the losses of funding. All parents won’t be able to pay for their child’s college education for such high tuition. Most students that are from low class families can’t pay for an expensive college tuition. They usually end up getting a low-paying job they don’t like. Most students that are from middle class families get student loans and leave college with a huge debt to pay off. We need to make college more affordable for everyone in the US. This is how Louisiana made college education free: Louisiana’s plan the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) is a very popular program where full tuition can be paid through tax dollars at any public university in Louisiana. The requirements are that all high school students qualify as long as they have a C average (2.5 GPA) and an 18 on the ACT. In 2010, about 70 percent of Louisiana’s high school graduates headed to college within a year.

Only the wealthy can afford a college tuition without having a debt after college. This shouldn’t happen. Everyone should be able to afford a college education. We need higher education to get higher paying jobs. More and more jobs require a college degree. If more students went to college to get a degree, then there will be more people in the work force who are more educated. Several countries including Germany, France, Brazil, Finland, Norway, Slovenia and Sweden have free college tuition. Which means that everyone can afford college, even low class citizens.

I believe everyone deserves an affordable higher education. College tuition has been going higher and higher and it needs to be lowered down. Everyone should be able to pay for college without a debt instead of only the wealthy being able to pay for college without a debt. If you would, please legislate free college tuitions and fees so that everyone can be able to afford college.


Mihrimah Q.

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