Ashlyn E. Texas


This letter discusses the need of change to our current situation in regards to homelessness. Read about how we can change our country as a whole.

Dear Future President,

Homelessness has been a big issue in our country for a long time, and I feel like we are not doing enough as a country to fix this problem. There is a well-known saying about the United States government: “The government will prolong fixing issues until it directly affects them.” When it comes to an issue like homelessness, that should not be the case. People are living on the streets, unemployed, and starving to death, and our government isn’t taking action.

According to a graph on, the number of people living in homeless shelters each night is climbing at a rapid pace. In 1985, the number of homeless people in shelters located in New York City was 10,000. Fast forward to 2016, and you’re looking at as many as 61,500 people in shelters. If these many people are homeless in New York City alone, we’ve got a big issue on our hands.

Homeless people are constantly in need of money, yet they have no way to acquire it. We need to take action and give jobs to the homeless. Think about it, homeless people are always looking for ways to earn money. I’m sure that if we start offering jobs to the homeless, we can diminish poverty, boost our economy, and every homeless person in America will have the opportunity to get their lives back on track.

In conclusion, homelessness can not be fixed overnight, but if we start now, I believe that we can fix this, and have a greater America.


Ashlyn E.

Student KHS