Hal F. Texas

Public Transportation

Reasons why public transportation should be everywhere

Dear Mr./Mrs. President of the United States,

Today, the world is a beautiful place. But unfortunately, there are some shadows lurking in this world that could drag all of us down in the future. Mr./Mrs. President, I propose that we fund a new project to create more of buses and trains to help the citizens that requires help in our country. In our daily life, we go to various places all the time. And some of us can’t go to these various places, because of how big this country is. Adding more buses and trains could create more space for neighborhoods and businesses, and also reduce congestions and such.

Reducing the amount of highways and roads, and adding train tracks and such could create more space for more houses and businesses. Creating such could increase the population of cities and thus possibly investing more money. People could also lose the stress of paying for cars every month. Right now, there are so many places like NY, which has about 8.5million citizens, that needs more space. Replacing roads and highways with train tracks and/or roads for buses could create a tremendous space for more people.

Now people may argue that these actions can be very costly, due to all the building of train tracks and such. But there is a solution to this issue we have. We can donate little money and/or increase taxes a tiny bit for a little while until the project is settled. Another option is to possibly get a refund from the roads/highways that got replaced.

Everyday in our lives as an adult (or even children), we’ve been in many congestions before. And nobody probably likes that. By replacing some of these roads, we could add in train tracks to reduce the amount of congestions in our world. For example, Austin, TX has a giant traffic congestion every morning/afternoon. By replacing the roads with train tracks and such could reduce the amounts of traffic that occur all the time.

Our world is great, but it can get better, these small issues can lead to “catastrophes” eventually, and possibly ruin our planet and the people. Adding more public transportation can solve some of the problems we are having like congestions and paying money. So I call out to you, President, we can make the world a better place.

Sincerely, Hal F.

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