Mia Gutierrez Florida

College prices

College tuition is too expensive for students who are willing to attend but can not afford.

Dear Future President,

This election is going to be my first time voting and as a concerned citizen, I am more interested on a president who is willing to help people, especially the young, to be successful for the future.

My senior year is a hectic year with all the events we need to pay for from left to right. We have homecoming, prom, senior breakfast, yearbook, grad bash, cap and gowns, and school obligations. On top of that we also need to pay for SATs, ACTs, college applications, sending test scores out, and transcripts. None of this stuff is cheap and is paid for right out of my families pockets. Most likely like the rest of the high school senior population in the United States. You see future president, we pay for all these activities because we are trying to have fun our last year as kids since we are transitioning into adults and we also need to get the stress out of college applications off ourselves with some fun.

This alone is a lot of money. Getting scholarships is NOT an easy accomplishment since its very selective and competitive. Even if you try so hard there might always be someone better than you to get it. We need a president that is willing to put money into funding public colleges or universities. FAFSA doesn't guarantee students enough money to help them survive. Paying for a four year college is almost $100,000 just to get a degree for a decent job. We get about $20,000 from the government and still need to pay about $80,000. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE IN DEBT.

What if the government cut funding to something that is getting so much money by just 2%? We could probably get 10 billion dollars alone from that which could help tremendously. This is just a thought but for the future president maybe you will have great ideas to come.