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Who Really Gets the Short End of the Stick!!!

What is right and what is wrong for a family pet/member. You have the power to control both.

Dear Sir or Madam President,

As a junior in high school, I live the world as a normal person but I don’t live a normal life I have to constantly having to move well moving comes with a burden and it’s a burden for the wrong reason when I have to hid my dog because of what the world thinks of my dog. I have a pit and the laws and bans for his breed are wrong and cruel because my jax is the sweetest thing ever and we have to lie and change how we live because of what society says.

To revise bans on a family of dogs. Bans on the looks of a certain type of dogs are biased- because every time you see on tv this kind of dog did this and it’s the same breed over and over. The race of dog and the severity of the bans/consequences are too harsh- they use brutal force and policies that can affect lifestyles and where you live and go to school. They say the breed is vicious through bad breeding but on they say There are at least five commonly encountered forms or subtypes of canine aggression. It is important to determine the type of aggression a dog is displaying before attempting to address the problem. In most cases, owners should seek the advice of a professional trainer to diagnose and address aggression in their dogs. Many would say there is only one type of aggression but my information says otherwise, because they are saying there are different levels/kinds of aggression, five to be exact.

What the world should know about dogs and how they behave. The internet and tv make assumptions and categorise dogs or they hold the truth by not telling the whole story. The public eye also has to be taken into account because some communities or families have biases, why because of stuff they see or hear, but also because they don’t see or know it all. I have seen this, or I know this, but did you know Today's pit bulls are a lineage descended from the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. When baiting large animals was outlawed in the 1800s, people turned instead to fighting their dogs against each other. Says and from the pit bull would have you believe that their fighting breddogs are just like any other dog in many ways, but so superior in their unparalleled love and devotion for children they were commonly known as "The Nanny Dog" throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This is why I don’t understand how people feel about pitbulls when they don’t know both sides.

What qualifies for a mass breed ban.There have been many breeds that have been on bans and have come out of them. The pitbull hasn’t been so lucky. The things that people see with your own eyes is what you need to hear and how we just let families be destroyed and innocent pets, friends, and family be killed, sometimes in front of people and children.The whole breed needs to be banned. A montreal judge says otherwise. Information found on and The city passed a controversial ban on the breed last week, but a judge decided on Wednesday that it should be suspended for the duration of the Montreal SPCA's legal challenge."The fight is far from being over, but we are very pleased with this first victory," and also Alanna Devine, director of animal advocacy at the organisation, called the rules "draconian". Draconian means 1.of, relating to, or characteristic of the Athenian statesman Draco, or his severe code of laws.2.(often lowercase) rigorous; unusually severe or cruel:Draconian forms of punishment.

People don’t really know what a pit bull actually looks like, just characteristics when multiple dogs look like them because pit bull’s themselves are a mutt. They do have distinctive characteristics like the block head and stocky. Not all pits are like that. Pits come in all shapes and sizes skinny to bulky it depends on what they are mixed with.

Can you tell me which one is pitbull and what are the other two. It’s a pitbull just look at it. Well, because of this, they look similar to many other breeds. This leads to a lot of misunderstanding about these dogs, and sadly it has even led to people losing their beloved pets due to misidentification and breed-specific legislation which targets “types” of dogs as stated by People are all the time get the wrong look mainly because a dog can get looked at to quick and pit bulls are the first on the mind.

Pitbulls can’t take pain well. Actually a pit bull has the same pain tolerance as a german shepherd and a golden retriever. Both breeds used in the military and police forces. Citizens believe pit bulls have lock jaws, that is actually a myth. Pit bulls just have a stronger jaw strength and so it bites harder but it can be pried off if need be. Others think pits will always lock onto anything. Some people also believe a Pit Bull can actually dislocate its jaw to grasp onto an object larger than the dog’s mouth. A study done by the University of Georgia disproves this myth. In fact, the scientists found no unique feature on a Pit Bull that would allow them to lock their jaws. Found on top Some people believe a Pit Bull lacks the intelligence of other large breeds such as Labradors. Pit bulls are actually quite easy to train. The Pit’s willingness to learn and desire to please their owners makes it easy for them to pick up even the most advanced tricks quickly. Pit Bulls are also great climbers- many can climb trees- and love puzzle toys and hide and go seek type games. Many breeders will tell you that a Pit Bull has a high pain tolerance, or simply does not feel pain. In fact, all breeds of dogs share the same nervous system. This system allows them to feel pain similar to what any human would feel. The misconception that a pit bull does not feel pain comes from the breed’s tendency to under react in physically stressful situations. Pit bulls were originally bred for a high level of “gameness,” meaning they will continue to try completing a task despite physical discomfort. While many people feel a pit bull not stopping to whine or cry out during stressful training or hunting sessions is a sign of a lack of pain, it is actually a sign of the breed’s desire to complete a task and please their owners. Found on, the breed is used all the time and people don’t recognize it. Drug and Bomb dogs are in great demand and Pit Bulls excel at this work because of their natural drives and their athletic ability to climb, jump, run, and their stamina. The Pit Bulls wiliness to please their people is one of the greatest assets of the breed. This compels them to work for long periods under high levels of stress and get the job done. You only have to look at Kris Crawford and her SAR Pit Bulls to see great things happen when you put Pit Bulls to work finding lost people. They also serve in the police force and the military.

To conclude I would like to restate, by saying what are your reasons for banning pit-bull terriers, and dogs alike,and after reading this have you change your mind.

Sincerely, sir or madam President

Larry, Miller III

Magic City Campus

Thomas - Jr English 7

Mr. Thomas' 7th Hour Junior English Class

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