Derek M. New York

Letter about Police brutality against African americans

I wrote a letter to the next president talking about police brutality against African Americans.

Dear Future President,

Innocent people during the past year through United States have been killed by police officers for no reason except for they have a different skin tone. I would like to see the next president of the United States step in on this terrible crisis. This should be a priority for the next president so people who are African Americans do not have to be scared to come out of their owned homes to go to work everyday. In 2016, there is police brutality against African Americans.

One recent example of police brutality against African americans, Keith Lamont Scott he was killed September 20, 2016 by a police officer. He was killed because the officer thought he was armed. Statistics show that it is “3X more likely for African Americans to be killed by a police officer than a white person”. Rights and family members have been taking away from f sometime innocent African Americans. All people, even those who are not white, these should be treated equally. This is a major crisis in the United States for the past year and I hope the next president will come and take action to this crisis. In certain states the rate of police brutality against African American, is greater than others. For example, they are “7 times more likely to be killed by a police officer in Oklahoma than Georgia”. It is your job to clean up certain states and cities where this is a major problem.

Mr. President, it African americans see the police in a different way and believe they won’t do anything about this so they are taking it into their own hands and replanting and killing police officers.

Sincerely, Derek 

Niskayuna High School English 10R

English 10R - Block 5

Mrs. Werther's Block 5 English 10R class

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