Peyton T New York

Homeless Veterans

Dear Next President, Congratulations on winning the race. I’m Peyton Tamberino and I’m going to be talking about homeless veterans. There are currently 49,333 homeless veterans, and I, and many other people don't think that's right. Many of these veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as well as injuries. These men and women fought for our country to keep us safe, and the fact that many are homeless and poor is not acceptable. This is a huge problem, and it really needs to be fixed. I believe veterans should be treated much better than they currently are. I am sick of seeing veterans on the street not being able to afford food, shelter, medicine, or therapy. There are so many homeless people in our country who aren't veterans as well, we need to make bigger and better homeless shelters. Everyone deserves a place to stay, and a place to feel safe. The fact that people are still homeless today is a horrible thing, and something urgently needs to be done. This is something that should have been fixed a long time ago, and shouldn't be occurring anymore. Please bring the many letters you have received into consideration, to help fix this problem. Not just for all homeless people, but especially the people who fought to protect us. From Peyton