Alex New York

School Violence

To protect our nation keep schools safe from school violence.

Dear Future President,

My name is Alex and I would like to tell you about school violence and how it’s hurting not only our country but our country’s education! School violence shouldn’t be taken lightly; it’s a serious matter that needs to be discussed and fixed.

Let me ask you a question, Future President, if every time you stepped into your school your life was at risk would you still go? According to the National Center for Education Statistics 65 % of schools reported serious school violence such as physical attack or fight with a weapon, threats of physical attack without a weapon, rape or attempted rape, sexual battery other then rape, or threat of physical attack with a weapon. School violence affects students because some students are terrified to set foot in their school. This is where kids stop going to school and who knows they could have been really brilliant people if they weren’t terrified to go to school. Tell me, Future President, have you ever had anxiety about anything or have you ever felt depressed at any point of your life? Have you ever been scared to the point where you’re paranoid? I’ve had anxiety and depression and I’ve been scared to the point of paranoia. And none of those are good feelings and they still affect me every day! So imagine your school had a shooting or kids were fighting and somehow you got hurt, that would be a traumatic experience right? It’s also a traumatic experience if you’re just watching the whole thing happen. All this fighting in schools is stressful to everyone, even the person who is initiating the fight.

If school violence continues our future country isn’t going to be safe. I hope you prioritize school safety and think about the fact these kids are the future of the country you are leading.


Alex D