Trenton Iowa


Illegal immigration needs to be supervised

My name is Trenton Golay, and I am a sophomore at Coon Rapids-Bayard High School, in Iowa.

In my opinion, future president, immigration is a major problem in this country. And something needs to be done to prevent immigration to keep this country, and its people safe.

I would like the future president to increase border protection. A lot of these people get into the country by human smuggling, which is where a migrant engages in smuggling to evade normal immigration procedures. These people that are being smuggled die very often because of suffocation, dehydration, or they even drown.Some of these situations can degrade into rape, murder, and kidnapping, also identity fraud takes place.

I would also like the future president to have more people to check luggage and to do background checks to see if these immigrants that are going through the normal procedures are safe to be in this country. If they also have good backgrounds. A lot of these immigrants overstay their welcome and they need to be deported. There were 11.3 million immigrants in the U.S illegally. With Mexicans making up half this number in 2014. Over 1.5 million of these immigrants have been deported in 2015. As you can see there are still a great number of these illegal immigrants in the U.S. and you have no idea what they are capable of doing.

 The safety of the citizens in the U.S are extremely important, and we need to limit non american people into the country illegally. These immigrants cheated the system unlike the other people who had to wait to get into the country and they need to be deported.