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Military Families

Military families should receive better benefits for all the sacrifices they make for our country such as permanent homes and better pay.

Dear Next President,

Both my brother and my father serve in the military, at home though. I never fear for their lives, because I know that what they do isn't dangerous, and I can be sure they'll return. When someone leaves to serve their country overseas, though, it is a much bigger commitment. They are leaving their families for months at a time and risking their lives so I don't have to. That's their choice. It's not their family's. Their family must endure the pain and frustration of not knowing whether their parent, child, niece or whoever will come home. Even when, or if, their family member returns, they could have serious physical or psychological problems. Along with this, military families face countless other problems that I believe could be solved. Military families should receive better benefits for all the sacrifices they make for our country such as permanent homes and better pay.

Families of people in the military face many struggles. Some of the struggles they face are fearing for the person's life and even after the person returns back home sometimes they have serious problems. In the article “Military Families” the author reveals “For most families missing the absent member and fearing for his or her safety is the worst aspect of deployment” (“Military” 1). When he or she is away from home this leaves the other parent by themselves and they have to take care of all the responsibilities without the other member. The author also says “Many individuals have serious problems after returning from a combat assignment. The experiences they have undergone have often changed them, so that readjustment to normal life is difficult” (“Military” 1). Even when the missing member comes back there can still be problems with their health and it may be hard for them to rehabilitate. 

Another problem Military families face is The Defense Department is thinking about making commissary changes. The Defense Department is thinking about creating its own private labels. Doing this means the quality of the products will be worse and the prices of the products will increase.In the article “Military Families Worry About Commissary Changes” the authors Brooke Goldberg and Eileen Huck say “Goods at military commissaries are sold at the cost of the good plus a 5 percent surcharge that helps fund commissary operating costs, and these prices are fixed for U.S. military commissaries here and overseas. According to Eileen Huck, a lobbyist for the National Military Family Association, the commissary benefit represents the equivalent of a 2 percent to 9 percent pay raise for members of the military.Changes in pricing at commissaries not only will hurt military families’ pocketbooks, but could also damage the sense of community that often springs up among military families using the same local commissary” (Brooke Goldberg, Eileen Huck 1). Changing commissary prices will affect the money military members have. 

Although military families go through many struggles there are some benefits for being in the military. Some benefits they receive are free healthcare and if they stay in the military for 15 years or more they get a retirement plan. The two retirement plans they have to choose from are “receive $30,000 after 15 years and then receive a retirement fund after 20 years that equals about 40 percent of his or her highest pay [or] receive no cash bonus at 15 years but receive a retirement fund after 20 years of service that equals about 50 percent of his or her highest pay” (“Benefits” 1). These retirement plans allow them to have a steady income even after they retire. “Active-duty military members receive medical and dental care at no cost. Care and wellness programs are available through a system of military and civilian health-care facilities. In addition, the spouse and dependent children of an active-duty member may also enroll in military health care” (“Benefits” 1). Allowing military members and their family members to get free medical care and dental care gives them more financial stability. 

Military families have to go through a lot, including fearing for the person that is away from home. Not only that, but also when the family member returns back home they can have serious problems. Military families have it as hard as any family can have it, but they tough through it. Thus, military families should receive better benefits.  

VS North HS

Italiano/Suarez Per 2

These letters were written by 9th grade students. They spent two weeks researching issues and one week learning how to write an argument letter. This was the first project of this magnitude that they have ever experienced, they learned a lot, and they are very happy to be done! Thank you for reading.

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