Epiphany W. Georgia

Police Brutality

Police Brutality needs to be stoped

Dear Future President,

In the top 20 problems in America police brutality is number 13. Police brutality affects the black community and me. I have 2 brothers and a sister and my biggest fear is that when they get pulled over they would get shot by a police officer. Police officers have been killing people’s parents, sisters, and brothers, and getting away with it. That’s not right!! Police officers need to be punished faster and harder. Police brutality is affecting the black community and needs to be stopped.

Some African Americans that were killed were unarmed and not dangerous. In a few cases the black man was armed and tried to shot at the police causing the police to shot back killing the black man. Most police officers are not even using taser gun anymore they just shoot to kill. I think the police act out of fear. They see a black man, think he is armed and dangerous and just shoot to kill. Then when they get questioned they want to change the story like the black man was armed and that gave the right for police to shoot.

A few ways to stop police from behaving like this is to make it mandatory that all police officers wear body cameras. Body camera will make it to where when a shooting goes down the police officers can see everything that happens. Body cameras will also make it to wear the police don’t have to rely on what they think they saw. This will make it so that the police will have some evidence when stuff like this happens.

According to ABC-CLIO Understanding Issues and Controversy “The data for homicides by law enforcement officers were about the same, with the death for blacks of both sexes 3.66 per million compared to 1.92 per million and 0.9 for white males.” That is a lot! Some African Americans are afraid every time they see a police officer; some people are even scared to walk in the neighborhood alone. According to ABC-CLIO Understanding Issues and Controversy An "us” vs. “them” mentality is encouraged, often by field tanning officers who convey the belief that the public is the enemy and police officers should band together against them.”

In conclusion Police brutality need to be addressed and stopped. Because I want to feel safe walking alone in my neighborhood, and not be afraid when I see a police officer and not think about my parents and siblings safeness out and about. Something needs to be done about this and it needs to be done now!


Epiphany W.