Ousmane New York

The Popo and The People

The cops can't protect the people by killing the people, and the people can't expect the cops to stop killing people if we keep killing each other. We need to work together, one unit, we are the popo and people.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

The cops are supposed to be our heroes, but police brutality is saying something different. People are being strangled and beaten and shot by the police for sometimes no reason. So far this year the police have killed 896 people who were unarmed.  The amount of people killed from gangs and other criminals is ridiculous as well. So far this year in Chicago 607 people have been shot and killed, 3204 have been shot and wounded, and a total of 677 total homicides in this year alone all committed by people. We need to end this violence; we need to lay down our weapons both of us, the popo and the people.



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Troy High School

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