Briggs T. Michigan

Concussions and Head Injuries in Football

We need to prevent these terrible injuries from happening.

Dear Future President,

I write to you in relevance of the nation's most popular sport, Football. Football is the american sport. It would almost be un-american to not like it. It may be one of the most popular sports on the planet, but it does not necessarily mean that it is safe. Football is an extreme contact sport, people are running at one another at full speed, trying to tackle each other. Injuries are bound to happen. From a bruise on your arm to breaking your foot, or from getting the wind knocked out of you, all the way to head injuries and concussions. All of these injuries have happened to me, and all of them were while I was playing football. Concussions and head injuries are some of the worst things that can happen to a human being, especially when the brain is still developing at a young age. When you get a serious enough head injury, it can affect you for the rest of your life, in terrible ways. Thats is why I want to help our nation and all of the people that play this great sport avoid these terrible head injuries and concussions by promoting more research towards the subject of head injuries in football. Young children's childhoods are being lost due to head injuries from lack of protective wear in football when playing, their whole lives are being lost.

The equipment we use today for protection of our heads in football work well, but not well enough. The helmets that football players across the nation are not helping 100% to prevent concussions. But we need that 100% guaranteed protection from head injuries and concussions. To many people that play football no matter what age are getting head injuries. Chief of neuroradiology at Wake Forest School of Medicine Dr. Christopher Whitlow had done research on head injuries and what they do to the brain. “Whitlaw found that the more impacts a player had to the head, the more changes in a part of the brain called white matter, which is made of insulated neurons that form the basis of communication between different parts of the brain.” ( When people get injured in the head, it is not always a temporary result, if it is bad enough, it can be effective the rest of your life. As you can see, head injuries can affect you in severe ways, that is why we need to, as a nation, conduct more research into how we can prevent football players from getting head injuries.

Not only are the players getting head injuries are being affected by these traumatic causes, the friends, and family members are also. They are emotionally affected because, it is a very serious matter and is hard for them to realize, the injury may change the person for the rest of their life. Nadia Kounang of CNN talked to doctors about tackle football and about the effects of it. “Cantu advocates that children under the age of 14 should avoid tackle football, out of concern for their brain development.” ( Eveyone had their own oppinion about kids playing tackle football, but many people disagree with it because of the chances if their child, friend, or loved one will get injured. We must make football more safe by doing more research on how to prevent head injuries and concussions so that people can let their kids do whatever they want and not have to worry about them getting a serious injury like so.

People need to realize that football is a extremely aggressive sport and that injuries are almost bound to happen. But people need to realize that those injuries can be prevented. A retired football player of the Minnesota Vikings Greg DeLong had shared his view on football with Stephanie Gosk of NBC news. “You're going to get hurt. It's a bunch of gladiators out there. It's a very aggressive game. You can't take that out of football. But you can make it safer.” ( Making the right equipment and finding out ways can very much help make the game more safe.

The nation's most popular sport may be fun to play and watch, but when it comes to playing it there is a price you could pay. Getting a head injury in football is a great possibility. Big if we conduct he right amount of it and find ways to prevent concussions, many people's lives could drastically be changed. From Being able to play football without a single worry, to not having to be nervous for a friend, family member, or loved one about getting a head injury. These scary injuries can easily turn into a nightmare if we do not do something about this. We need to stand as a nation and all work together to find ways to prevent these head injuries by researching and inventing equipment that could change the game forever. Now, future president, I ask you that you stand with me, and help as I persuade not just myself but millions of others to help find ways to avoid these terrible head injuries.