Luke South Iowa


This letter is about football injuries.

Dear future President of the United States of America,

My name is Luke and I attend Panorama High School in  Iowa. I am currently in 9th grade writing to you about current issues I’d like to hear your side on. My main topic for this letter is on the study of football injuries. What do you think should be done about preventing injuries? Or do you think there is no way of preventing them?

More money should be put into research for concussions, especially professional athletes in the NFL. I think concussions are a much bigger deal than most people previously thought. Concussions can end  careers and potentially a person's life. Should new rules be established for football? There are rules trying to prevent hits that could seriously endanger players but I don’t know if the punishments are severe enough. But I also don’t know what more you could do.

Thank you for reading and responding to my letter if you do. I know it’s not the biggest topic in the world but it is important to me, being a football player myself. Congratulations on winning the presidential election and I hope you’re the right choice.

Your Student,

Luke S.