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Gun Control Based from 2nd Amendment

In this article, I out line how the 2nd amendment may be the one issue on gun control in America. It discusses how many uses of the second are unjust or good, and what to do in the future for America.

Letter to the Next President

Thomas M.

To Whom It May Concern,

I remember back to the times when America was viewed as the best country known to the world. It had seemed like the perfect government and place to live by anyone or anything in the world. But, the old saying was true for even America, that all good things must come to an end sooner or later. America sought to make the ever changing world the best, but they were met by violence, poverty, and discrimination. The day on the new horizon had changed. At almost every supper since the change in America, my family was interrupted by breaking news reports of all of America’s issues. The most relevant of the daily reports was all of the gun violence reports and the cases of mass shootings or local shooting victims. My family had their own extreme views on it, and even over time of intervention from America, the issues seemed to only get worse. Then the debates started, all over on what we should change and do and fix for the better of all American people. One viewpoint struck me in the most proud but different ways and it was about the freedom granted by the second amendment. It was shown and proven to be the most direct solution, with the least possible opposing outcomes. Due to this, the second amendment needs to be the one thing changed due to the outright validity it contains. At it’s current state, granting citizens the right to bear arms, it hides the basic freedoms from citizens to fully express their rights in daily life or restricts them too heavily from their expression.

Among the constant debates and laws to try and fix this issue, the nation has seemingly divided itself yet again into two sides. They have armed themselves with their minds and their moral compasses and have attempted to navigate the situation to get their outcome out of the situation for their own good. The two sides contain beliefs on if the changing of the second will lead to a safer America, of if it will limit our freedoms granted to all citizens. The side dedicated to seeing the change be overturned and have rights be the same as they are currently talk about how the rights are set and should be unchanged, belief in how the amendment granting the freedom is the only thing protecting their rights, and how America is safer with personal rights and freedom in the long run. According to an article titled, “The Second’s Missing Half” published by the National Foundation for Progress, it is said in the original second amendment that, “ a well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This one statement contains the original flavor text of our Bill of Rights. Using the wording, this evidence is shown that the right granted to all citizens is to not be infringed, or unchanged. It is not allowed to be changed for citizens as specific or as a whole. Also, the amendment is given as a global right to all citizens. Also from The Seconds Missing Half,“ The original state of the amendment is to be unchanged by local and state governments, the laws there are not applicable to the second amendment.” This means for so long as the government in Washington D.C. doesn't change the second, all limited control terms are not in use by local governments. Yes, there are certain restrictions in local and state governments, but your right is to not ever be infringed even by those governments. The true law and all changes are dealt by the White House and government as a whole. The law has been abided by some citizens, but at some point, the law was in such a state it was a necessity for all people.Taken from What Were the Writers Thinking: America's Constitution,“ Back in the civil war era, the second amendment was used as a right for the citizens to protect and serve in the case of emergency.” This shows that the law was once at a state where it was global and unrestricted, but why now is it restricted from some. The changing of rights in a national disaster has commonly been seen in major events such as 9/11, but specific restrictions in natural time is unjust due to the definition of what a global right is to all American citizens. This shows that gun rights should be always free to all citizens as that is what a right is to America. All of the previous evidence examples are important to show that gun rights are important. Even though there are other laws that might restrict them, the law should stand. Limiting a law for some people should be only in a case deemed necessary by the government. One example I can use of this is the difference of a school shooter and a citizens visiting a gun range. The school shooter has used his rights to violate the rights of others in manners deemed unjust. The ordinary citizen who owns a firearm and uses it to have a good time with friends at the rage or for competition is not using it for any violence. Yes, there should be tabs kept in this instance, but rights shouldn’t be limited. Rights are for all, but the consequence of one shouldn’t dictate how the nation behaves. Using this evidence and viewpoints from a certain moral rule set, gun rights are used to make America safer and better in the long run. How is America supposed to defend its ideals, people, and everything that makes it a good country, if the country is in a position where it’s almost impossible.

America is best known for it’s use of equal rights and being fair. WIth this debate, there is no equality. This is not a battle of actions or words, but more or less a battle of beliefs. There can’t be a perfect America as we all think differently. There has to be equal rights, whether for the good or bad of a subject, not any middle ground. The side for the rights has already pled their case, no it’s time to see what is wrong with it. There is always going to be a counterpart for anything. The side that is more in belief of seeing gun rights being changed or abolished believes in how weapons are the root of the problem, how many Americans and the law makers themselves are lost in their own laws, and that the meaning is not intended to become an individual right. According to Taking on the Second Amendment, America and itself are confused on what the second amendment even is. “ Americas confusion is total. The law was initialized time and time again, but was only met with response of direct violence and unjust behavior. “ This shows how the law is one of the extreme issues in our country at the moment in time. If every time this is debated and resolved with initialization and met with violence, the more the country will divide. We need to define the terms of gun control simply be eliminating the need for control with stricter tolerances. This shows that the simple fact of guns is the one thing limiting us from a perfect America. There are still other issues, but the more we eliminate them together, the better America is for all in one’s eyes. From Taking Aim at the Second Amendment, the government has seen what we will do, and is taking action. “Firearms are our public enemy’s WMD(Weapon of Mass Destruction). People who use them are only making it worse. The more control we use on people or firearms of both, we can fix our issue.” This shows that America is at a vulnerable state. If the people are the issue and no one fights back, there will forever be no resolution of the issue. By fixing the issue little bit by bit, America will heal. Also from this article, America has deemed that the second amendment, part of our rights in wrong. “ Deemed by the government, the second amendment was not seen as a personal right.” This shows us that we are in an issue that we shouldn’t be in. Our national security protects us from threats in the US from the world, but more problems in the US make it more difficult. Tying this all together to the side that wants less gun rights, America needs to fix itself. We should devote time to a better America than our other issues. Focus on gun rights, fix our country that we love and live in. If America is not in a good state with either control, whether good or bad, America could collapse on itself. The constant debates for good or bad will be what unites or breaks America. America’s citizens are the lifeblood, and the confusion and limits are going to be the way America damages itself compared to other international issues. This side simply believes in a solution, but for more control. That is the key to the best America ever.

Coming down to it, the true belief and solution relies on the shoulders of the American people. This country will be fixed, for the good or bad, soon if the citizens help the country out. The issue is at an all time large and the people combined with the government will solve it. They have solved other problems in the past. But, where does the future go from here? Will gun rights be abolished, or allowed, and to what extent. There are so many sub topics that relate to this issue that spring up and will need your help also with the issue. The solution is out there, it just needs to be said. What if gun licenses were given out, and you had so many “strikes” before penalties? What if guns were taken away and used as a defense tool by law enforcement? Would more things be reconsidered, and would the country benefit from the solution. I ask that whatever the solution is for the ideas presented, is that the decision is good. Think about all of the choices, consequences, and think of the people. America is the greatest country because of these decisions, and I just hope it can retain that status by this one powerful decision in the hands of this next president.

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