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Domestic Violence: Men can be abused too!

Both Woman and Men can be victimized by domestic violence.

Dear Future President,

I would like to bring to your attention to the fact that we direct domestic violence as women are the victims and men the abusers. Many people fall victim to abuse in their own home. While a large amount of victims are women, and stereotypically men are the abusers, I find this statement false. Men can be victimised by a women just as easily as women by men. Men have an even harder time coming out about abuse for they will find less sympathy from family and friends and community than the women.

More than 20,000 calls on a single day come in in for domestic violence. There are many different types of domestic violence. 1-3 women and 1-4 men fall victim to some sort of physical abuse from an intimate partner. 1-5 women and 1-7 men are involved in a severely physical abuse. 1-15 children are exposed to intimate partner violence. How can We live with theses stats and turn a blind eye to such a huge problem.

I have seen domestic abuse where the man is the victim in my own home on multiple occasions. My father was ridiculed and shunned for calling the cops for help removing the abuser from the home. Many people had their opinions “He’s the man he could have taken it, there was no need for the cops to get involved.” and “He probably deserved it she is the woman he probably hit her first.” Were some of the many things said against my dad. Making the situation harder for him than it should have been. He got ridiculed so much he allowed the abuser back into the home putting himself and his family in danger. If we as the people of this country allow judgement and gender to put adults and children alike in danger what is that show about our personal character.

Homicide and suicide. Domestic violence victims are known to have higher rate of depression and suicidal tendencies. 72% of all murder suicides are involving an intimate partner. 92% of theses victims are women. Domestic violence can lead to murder why are we letting innocent people die.

Domestic abuse of women and men alike is a huge issue in america. We need to find a solution to lower the rates and save lives. Every life counts for something and when we turn our back we are losing more and more. We need to shed light on this issue and protect the people of our country, and world.